Crane Wheel Assembly

Crane Wheel Assembly

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Presently most of the Crane manufacturers are using En 9 or En 8 material forgings for crane wheels. The wheels are manufactured in forging due to which we have to pay @ 30% more cost towards the basic Raw Material & this additional material we need to remove in machining by investing more machining time. Lead time for forgings is min 4 to 5 weeks from the date of order & 1 more week for machining, heat treatment & other finishing (e.g. bore grinding). It means we have to plan the material before 5 to 6 weeks. 

In case of En 24, we need to have few more days for machining time due to high hardness as compare to En 9 To avoid high procurement time & heavy machining, we have developed these Crane wheel in SGI 800/2 material. Main property of this material is self lubrication & high strength. 

Since these are castings, the delivery period of the material will be reducing to 3 weeks against of forging 5 to 6 weeks. Along with this we can save 15% to 20% in overall cost. We are giving the test certificate for every wheel with traceability for wheel No. The report will contain UT & actual hardness of wheel along with physical & chemical of material. 

Sizes of the wheel is available from 150 mm to 630 mm (As per customer's requirement) 

A comparison chart for En 9 & SGI 800/2 is given below for your reference.